The Secret of Color Grading in Final Cut Pro

One of the easiest ways to make a color grading is by using Final Cut Pro. Besides the complete features that exist in this software, the operation method is relatively easy compared to other software. You can make your own final cut pro color grading freely with the best result. The steps to do are as follows:

  1. Open your Final Cut Pro, choose the menu of “Window”, then “Workspace”, and continue with “Colors & Effects”. You can access the color setting in the triangle (Ñ) color option located on the top right. Meanwhile, for the effects panel is in the bottom You must focus on the three main components: exposure, white balance, and saturation.
  2. Correct the exposure by choosing “Color Wheels” then setting the exposure by adjusting the four wheels: “Shadows”, “Master”, “Highlights”, and “Motomes” according to your need. Adjust the temperature and tilt. If you want to apply the same setting to your next layer just click Control+C and put in the next layer.
  3. Adjust the saturation in “Color Curves”. Make it as you want. You can adjust it by pulling the RGB curve up and down.
  4. After all the steps done, you can try to play your result and see an amazing

Image result for final cut pro color grading

What do you think? Is easy, right? If you want to understand the complete steps you can open the Final Cut Pro tutorial video in, and learn deeper about how to color grade in Final Cut Pro X.

Blow your mind and make your incredible creation only by grading the color in your video!